Thursday, September 1, 2011

What do training departments really do?

     What is the role of training and development? Many training departments exist to ensure that employees memorize a certain amount of knowledge and information required to operate functionally within their organization. I see the training and development as being responsible for improving organizational (not just employee) performance.

     Why expand to "organizational?" Because as Training and Development professionals, organizational issues come to us regularly in the form of requests for training. We are equipped with the tools necessary to make performance improvement recommendations. As we complete our Performance Analysis, we identify the root cause of the organizational issue. If it's a Knowledge and Skills issue, we are equipped to develop an intervention. However, many times the root cause has nothing to do with training. In that case, we can point the owner of the performance issue to the proper intervention. In this way we really serve as a strategic business partner within our organizations. Our efforts can lead to organizational performance improvement regardless of the issue or the cause of the problem.

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