Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Training Philosophy

Last week I was able to sit in on a webinar with Karie Willyerd, CLO at Sun Microsystems, and co-founder of Future Workplace. She is a great presenter, and the type of visionary thinker and leader that I aspire to become. She spoke a little bit about the training philosophy they created at Sun, and it inspired me to begin creating my own. I intend for this to be a living document, and I'm sure it will change as I gain experience and continue with graduate school.

Training Philosophy

1) Training should always have realistic-measurable goals.
2) Planning should always be sponsored by stakeholders.
3) Good instructional design is never rapid.
4) Post training support is critical.
5) Solid instructional design is more important to learning than flashy delivery techniques.
6) Sometimes knowledge should be discovered by the learner.
7) Sometimes Behaviorist approaches are the best option.
8) It's important to know if the learners liked you as a trainer, but it's more important to know if their training transferred to results on the job.
9) The delivery method you should use depends on more than your gut feeling.
10) The best training programs consider all possibilities.

I realize there are so many other topics my philosophy needs to tackle, but I feel like this is a good start.

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