Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Intended Purpose of this Blog

After working in the field of Learning Technology for over a year now, it has become apparent that as a one-person team, I face different challenges than the standard Learning Technologies department. Although I work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for content, I find that I have to be the expert at everything else to succeed.

On a standard team, you might find Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, Programmers, Graphic Designers, Narrative and Technical Writers, and perhaps Project Managers, among others. As a One-Stop Shop, I must fill all of these roles. In this blog, I will explore my thoughts and experiences as I proceed and develop in this role.


  1. I work on a team that has one other designer, a facilitator, and a manager. But, usually I am a "one-stop shop". I project manage, I faciltate, and I design. Wish I had a programmer, graphic designer, narrator, and all the other people to help create awesome content that we all hear about in theory. Especially when our little team is supporting a shared service center of 500 employees!

  2. Tell me about it. There are other trainers in my organization, but they are all face-to-face trainers and don't deal with technology. I do get some voiceover work from one of them that happens to have really good tone quality. I'm hoping to add our technical writer on to my team for Quality Assurance and perhaps some narrative writing. That would take a lot of work off my hands.